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Yesterday I had the great pleasure to attend a class with Xavier Font from Leeds Metropolitan University! I can only say that he shook my world and that of my whole class!

To start from the very beginning, I took this masters solely because of its dedication to sustainability! I loved it! I had missed such classes during my bachelor, and I thought it will be one of the best moves while waiting the economy to get better to go for the course! Great…so I did! Well everything started promising, but than I had a few talks with industry professionals from Slovenia, and the one thing that has stuck in my head is the fact that in tourism programs, the sustainability view is broken through the prism of idea and concepts, rather than practical engagement with biology, the nature and the chemical reactions that surround us…

I have carried this message with me ever since this meeting, and I have tried to take the best out of this experience and maybe later on I will go back to “nature”… That is the plan! But until than I have to reside in the world of “the sustainability that suit our needs”!

Yesterday, I was happy to hear the honest opinion of Xavier! We don’t do these things because we care about nature, but because we care about our money and our peace of mind! Even the preachers don’t practice what they say! So why do we keep on talking about sustainability and why are we trying to push it so much? Are we a little group (well, maybe not so little) of blind people who just don’t get the reality of things? Are we saying things that nobody hears?

Actually, when we start going on that road we might be indeed a little blinded by the good cause! But afterwards, when we start seeing the reality of things, we come to realize that we have to take care what we say to whom! Right – that is the basis of all our existence, so I guess nothing groundbreaking, yet we still haven’t come to realize it… Focus on one message, make it entertaining to your target group, make them FEEL and than make them ACT! Yes, human beings are strange – the more we evolve, the more primitive in our needs we become! We evolve and we forget the basics, so how about we start remembering – remembering that everything surrounding us is based on simple principles, remembering that we do love to play and be entertained, remembering that putting on a serious face mostly won’t deliver the right results… Let’s remember to make sustainability fun, not scary, to embed it in everything we do, no matter if we get press coverage or not!

Keep the GAME ON!


New steps to take

I was thinking quite a bit, what my first post should be… Well, since recently I attended Event Camp Europe (ECEU) as a virtual attendee I believe this topic fits very well with my point for this blog.

Cutting the story short, ECEU proved to be a very inspiring event I desperately needed! My current masters touches very little on the meetings and events industry, thus cutting my passion a little short. Yet, ECEU managed to recharge me for a while at least!

Catching up with some friends in the industry and seeing them on my screen was one of the first great take-aways for me. But getting involved with new technologies, seeing event professionals ready to risk and experiment and hearing expert opinions, all for me meant the world! I was so impressed by the atmosphere and mostly amazingly happy to feel a part of the community once again, that I decided to transfer this newly obtained knowledge to my masters! As an Erasmus Mundus Alumni representative of my course, I am responsible for creating a connection between the different batches. I just could see so easily such a connection to be established now, where no complicated AV will be needed…Well, certainly the good-old skype would do the work in any case, but mixing all the elements, as it was done for ECEU, was just another deal!

The idea was well accepted here and both generations are awaiting to establish the connection. At the end of the day it might not be as I was firstly envisioning it, but the time for it will come for sure! Still, there are details to be arranged, but no matter the outcome I will try to keep that satisfying feeling as long as possible! Or….at least I visit EIBTM and recharge for the next period of time! 🙂